INTERNET Applications and Services

ITLink Internet Applications Consulting Team offers a specialised expertise in the design and development of distributed Applications, dedicated Portals, dynamic Websites, etc. Latest Internet technologies such as Java/.NET languages, JSP/ASP dynamic page contents, XML infrastructure, SSL technologies, Web Services together with advanced high performance multithread architectures are fully exploited to provide friendly, efficient, secure and reliable solutions to our customers.

ITLink Internet Applications Consulting Team is skilled in Internet Applications based on the Application Service Providers (ASP) paradigm. A specific competence is focused on ASP approach for scientific applications (microwave component design, for instance). This novel distribution of scientific software by Internet has been developed to allow the direct customer access from remote Industries and Research Centres.

ITLink capabilities in the development of Internet applications was also joined with the long experience in Project Management (in the Sixth Framework Programme, for instance). The result is the Virtual Centre concept, Internet Portals where the scientific community, working in a defined domain, exchange knowledge and where the research activities are tightly connected and harmonised.

The Virtual Centres can also be used for commercial exploitation of research results, opening new financial sources.