International Research PROJECTS MANAGEMENT

ITLink Project Management Consulting Team is composed by a group of specialists with a long experience in Technical, Contractual and Financial Management in International Research Projects. Consolidated knowledge is related to projects in EU FP5, EU FP6, EU FP7, Eureka, ESA, ITEA, etc.
In the EU Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), for instance, our past experience ensures the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our services even in large scale new funding instruments (Network of Excellence and Integrated Projects), where a well structured Project Management is required.

ITLink is different from other Companies that offer general purpose management services, because of the cross competences in technical areas related to research and development in Information Technology, Telecommunication and Wireless Networks, Microwave, Electromagnetic, etc. In other words, ITLink Project Management Consulting Team is aware of the technical content of the project offering an added value not available with other service providers.

For instance, in the Grid Technology research area, ITLink has the skill and awareness for understanding and organising the needs and requirements of leading European Research Centres and Industry, providing the instruments for integrating and increasing their knowledge base.

Moreover, ITLink Project Management Consulting Team offers support during the whole project lifetime: in Partners Search and Proposal Preparation, in Negotiation phase and along the duration of the Project.